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Education Managment System

Every single management of any educational institution like school, college and madrasa can be possible by using this software. Without it through this software one can easily admit student through online admission process. Student can easily watch the live video class program if it is held in the institution. 


Built on the Laravel 9 framework, UniTech4U Schooled is a robust and feature-rich school management system. Online admission, student information, academic, fees, examination, transaction, attendance, report, language, staff management, subscription, contact message, website setup, gallery, library, and settings integration are just a few of the many functions it provides.
Users can apply online for admission and display reports with ease using Onest Schooled. Multiple languages are supported by the system.
All things considered, Onest Schooled is a great option for people and institutions searching for an all-inclusive, feature-rich, and user-friendly school administration system.

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